Sustainable Sarasota

Merida - Humberto Cervera Comments

Dear Sarasota Sister Cities Association and USF-S/M:

Now that we are back and more or less organized after taking care of the pending work, due to a week's absence, we want to thank you all of you, and those whose addresses we don't have, for your warm hospitality and the invaluable experience the International Conference provided to the Merida delegation.

Fernando Herrera and myself are truly grateful and hope that as a result of our visit, the wonderful people we met, the variety and importance of the topics presented,we can establish solid links with all the sister cities and develop projects of common interest in the near future.

Looking forward to seeing you again, perhaps in Merida, we send you our best wishes for all the great work you do.

Muchísimas gracias,

Humberto Cervera