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Honore Park - Proposed - Ward Lake, Braden River

Ward Lake is a very nice and attractive lake. It is owned by the City of Bradenton and provides water supply and recreation. Ward Lake is also known as Ever's Reservoir and is on the Braden River.

The County of Manatee has provided a very nice recreational facility called Jigg's Landing located at the northeast corner of the lake. Canoes and boats can be launched from Jigg's Landing.

Honore borders the southern border of the Lake. But the area is fenced and the lake cannot be seen or used by local residents. To see or use the lake requires an over 5 mile drive.

We propose that Manatee County develop a small park on the southwestern boundary of the Lake on Honore. The County already owns property in this location and with a small effort the County could create a nice small park that would provide an attractive area for the people near Honore. We propose the nameHonore Park.

Jiggs Landing can be seen in the north east corner of the Lake.  The proposed new park would be at the south east corner of the Lake with access from Honore

The map below shows how residents who live near Honore must now travel to get to Ward Lake.  The new park would lower the distance by over 5 miles. Bikers and walkers could easily get to the lake.

The map below shows the location of the proposed Honore Park. People living west of I75, north of Univeristy, east of Prospect and south of State Road 70 would benefit from the park and covenient access to the Lake.

The outlined parcel below is owned by Manatee County. It fronts on Honore and has a small detention pond on the west end. If is also very close to Ward Lake. Land on all sides of the parcel is owned by the City of Bradenton.  The County could easily create a small park in this location with nice overlooks and access to Ward Lake.

Bradenton has just announced that they intend to sell the 200 acres just west of the Lake and bordering Honore.  They have received a number of offers for the land.  Now would be an excellent time for the County to buy some or all of this land. So the County could do a minimalist park, or acquire some of the property, or all of the property.

We are forming a Committee to explore this acquisition.  We ask that the County Board explore the possibility of an acquisition of some or all of the site.

Jigg's Landing is a very nice Manatee County Park. A list of Amenities at Jigg's Landing is listed below:

  • Picnic areas and pavilions
  • Boardwalks
  • Concession stand
  • Wildlife viewing areas
  • Dock
  • Nature-themed Playground

Kayak/Canoeing: A new handicap accessible canoe/kayak launch is located at the site. The launch gives paddlers access to the entire Braden River and its freshwater system.

Picnicking: Available at the various sites throughout the preserve on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Pavilion: The picnic pavilion is available by reservation on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can reserve a pavilion online or by calling 941-742-5923.

Wildlife Viewing: Visitors can view a variety of birds and wildlife throughout the preserve in the restored native ecosystems.

Coming Soon:
The following amenities will be added to Jiggs Landing as it develops:
  • Interpretive signage
  • Kayak concessions
  • Bicycle concessions
  • Food, bait, and drink concessions


Manatee could create a nice small park on Honore with access and views of Ward Lake. 

Contact Craig Hullinger at if you have comments or concerns or if you would like to help make this park a reality.

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